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Active Shooter Training and Consulting 




Due to an increase in active shooter incidents and the swiftness with which they unfold, we at American CCW Firearms Training LLC have designed a course to understand, to teach and prepare our students regarding an Active Shooter Situation. This course will focus on how to be prepared and gain the skills needed to prevent, recognize and increase your ability to survive during an active shooter incident. This course will provide details on what behaviors to look for and whom you should contact to prevent an active shooter incident. You will also learn how to make educated life-saving decisions regarding which actions to take during an active shooter incident.


This course is tailored for places of Worship, Schools, the Workplace and in large community events.


We offer (2) course curriculums:

AS-101 course – is a (4) seminar-style course for Businesses, Schools, and Houses of Worship. With student participation.

AS-202 course - is an (5) hour course with a (3) hour classroom instruction and a (2) hour Range instruction regarding firearms training, with tactical movement and cover drills. For security personnel.

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