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Advance Pistol Fundamental Tactics


What is Advance Pistol Fundamental Tactics

Do you want to improve your tactical shooting skills? Are you an experienced shooter looking to add a tactical skillset to your existing shooting ability? American CCW has implemented this new course. This course is our answer for the student, that wants to take his or her existing skills to the "TACTICAL LEVEL".  Expanding what you, the student was taught in Practical Pistol Fundamentals. You will gain a tactically advanced shooting ability.

This course focuses on mastering the proper fundamentals of Tactical Marksmanship. Our instructors work with each student to build upon their Advance shooting ability to become more confident in a tactical scenario. Instructors will teach each student how to add a tactical ability. This will prepare you for our Defensive Pistol Tactics course. 

Advance Pistol Fundamental Tactics goes in depth on various tactical skillsets needed to draw your pistol out of the holster and place rounds exactly where you want them. Simply place rounds "On the Mark.”

This course will emphasize on Tactical Accuracy by the following:

  • Drawing from the holster correctly

  • Continued Grip emphasis. 

  • Tactical Trigger control

  • How to Minimize Recoil and Muzzle rise

  • Recognizing pistol slide location

  • Understanding and implementing a proper magazine replacement

  • Shooting consistently with a proper Military style two hand grip

  • Shooting properly and consistently with a dominate one hand grip.



  • Semi Auto Firearm

  •  Holster 

  • Magazine Holster 

  • 2 Magazines (minimum)

  • Eye and Ear Protection

  • Ball Cap (Required)

  • Comfortable Clothes and Shoes

  • 250 rounds of practice ammunition (FMJ)

ACCWFT Certificate upon completion

​ Class Duration 4-hour Range Evolution  


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