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What is the AR15 Weapons System?

The AR-15 is a lightweight semi-automatic rifle/Carbine based on or similar to the Colt AR-15 design. The Colt model removed the "Selective Fire" feature of its predecessor This was to be compliant to NFA Regulations (Fully Auto) for the civilian market. The original Armalite AR-15, itself a scaled-down derivative of the 

AR-10 design by Eugene Stoner.


This course is an Introduction course for the individual who has never owned or operated the “AR/Carbine Weapons Platform” and is interested in the fundamental operation to this “Weapons Platform”. This course is both a classroom evolution and range evolution to teach the necessary information to SAFE ownership and OPERATION for the AR15 Weapons Platform regardless of model or manufacturer.



  1. Understanding the operation of the AR/Carbine weapons system.

  2. Instruction understanding how to “Field Strip” the Ar15 Platform.

  3. Demonstrate a basic operational ability with the AR15 weapons platform.

  4. Execute the fundamentals of marksmanship “SAFELY” while engaging targets in a stationary position.


  6. Learning how to execute sight picture and sight alignment.

  7. Learn to recognize stoppages and perform simplified weapons manipulations skills, such as immediate action, remedial action, and reloading the weapon system.

  8. Understanding how to develop a balance of accuracy during a basic engagement drill.

  9. Point shooting with accuracy with perfect sighted fire fundamentals.


  • AR15 with sling

  • 200 rounds of ammunition (Factory Only No Re-Loads)

  • 3 - magazines for weapons system

  • Eye and Ear protection 

  • Ball Cap

  • Magazine pouches or dump pouch.

  • Sturdy Range footwear

  • Clothing appropriate for weather

  • Lunch, snacks, water (there will be time for lunch)

 ACCWFT certificate upon completion
Classroom Evolution 2 Hours
Range Evolution 3 hours


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