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Course Description:

The AR15/Pistol Transition Tactics course is a 4-5 advance level course based on combative marksmanship with the AR15 and Pistol Weapons Platform.

You will develop speed and precision while utilizing cover and movement to gain a

"TACTICAL ADVANTAGE". Training will cover a wide variety of drills from rapid positional shooting, shooting with a mixture of speed and precision, fighting from cover, dealing with reloads and malfunctions, shooting on the move, and basic transitioning to a Pistol Platform in close-range encounters.


  1. Rapidly move into prone and various kneeling positions to engage targets.

  2. Execute the fundamentals of marksmanship while engaging targets while stationary, on the move, and from behind cover.

  3. Demonstrate a basic transition from carbine to pistol and back to carbine.

  4. Recognize stoppages and perform simplified weapons manipulations skills such as immediate action, remedial action.  

  5. Reloads at unpredictable times during an engagement sequence.

  6. Develop a balance of speed and precision during engagement drills using point shooting, precision shooting, and perfect sighted-fire fundamentals.




  • AR15 with sling and 300 rounds of ammunition.

  •  Handgun with holster and 250 rounds of ammunition

  • (4) magazines for each weapon system

  • Battle Belt (Suggested)

  • Knee and elbow pads – recommended.

  • Eye and Ear protection 

  • Ball Cap or Boonie Hat

  •  Magazine pouches or dump pouch.

  • Body armor (optional)

  • Chest Rig (optional)

  • Clothing appropriate for weather

  • Lunch, snacks, water (there will be limited time for lunch)


ACCWFT Certificate of Completion 

Class Duration: Range Evolution 4-5 Hours



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