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Introduction To AR15/Carbine Operations and Skills

Course Description:   

The basic AR15/carbine class is an excellent introduction to the first time AR15/carbine owner that wants to learn the fundamental safety and handling procedures necessary to be a proficient shooter.

This class will go over the basic fundamentals behind all safety and handling procedures that go with your new AR15/carbine. If you just purchased your first AR15; you will learn the proper grip, stance, sight acquisition, and trigger manipulation to have full confidence in using your firearm. From the first time shooter to the person looking to just get re-acquainted, this class is the perfect first step.


             Course Objective:

  • Firearm Safety

  • How to operate your AR15/Carbine

  • How to load your AR15/Carbine

  • How to operate the action on your AR Platform

  • How to operate the safety on your rifle, during transition executional shooting.

           Shooting fundamentals which include:

  • Proper stance, Standing-Kneeling and Prone

  • Proper grip

  • Sight picture

  • Trigger execution

  • Breath Control


        Course Requirements:

  • AR15/Carbine with sling and 100 rounds of ammunition

  • 3 magazines minimum for Firearms Platform

  • Knee and elbow pads – recommended

  • Eye and ear protection – Electronic ear protection is recommended

  • Ball Cap

  • Magazine pouches and or dump pouch

  • Clothing appropriate for weather

  • Lunch, snacks, water (there will be limited time for lunch)


Course Length: 3-hour classroom evolution and 3-hour range evolution

ACCWFT Course Certificate received upon completion


Course Fee: $110.00

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