The ACCWFT Basic Pistol Fundamentals course, is a continuation of the Introduction Basic Pistol course. Basic Pistol Fundamentals is a condensed course. Students will be coached a focused approach on fundamentals of Pistol Shooting. The instructor will apply the latter, in a way you, the student can and will become better versed within your Firearms Platform. Operating safely and proficiently



     As a result of your participation in this lesson you will be able to:

  • Stance

  • ·     Understand the importance of Grip control

  • ·     Sight Picture

  • ·     Sight Alignment and how to acquire quickly.

  • ·     State, explain and apply the rules for safe gun handling.

  • ·     Demonstrate how to Manipulate your Pistol Platform in a safe manner.

·     ​

Range Qualification

The live fire exercise generally consists of 150 rounds of ammunition. After 150 rounds, you will be familiarized with your Pistol Platform.


Equipment requirements:

  •  Semi-automatic pistol or revolver

  •  Holster, 2 magazines for semi-automatic pistol or 2 speed loaders for a revolver

  • 150 rounds of factory ammunition

  •   Ear protection, eye protection

  •  Comfortable clothing including hat, tennis shoes or hiking boots

  •  (No open-toed shoes)


This is a (4) Range Evolution only course

 A (3) Student minimum is required. If not, then Students will be Re-scheduled to next class



Course Fee-$100.00