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What is Close Quarters Defense?

It is a continuation to our "SITUATIONAL AWARENESS SEMINAR"

It will teach the student how to defend themselves from a would-be attacker.


CQD abides a series of tenets, the most critical of which is teaching participants how to control their emotions and reactions under extreme stress. They call it “DIALING” and whether you’re under fire from a gun-wielding Perpetrator or Fighting off an “ATTACKER” it involves essentially the same measures: remaining in control, and, critically, identifying your purpose within a split second. It’s as important for you to be able to dial up intensity as it is for you to dial it down, and the simulations I just recounted are meant to create muscle memory that you can carry with you beyond the course, whether you’re defending your family or yourself.

This class is meant to instill in you a critical edge, which they hone through our “Advanced Courses”. The benefits go beyond not losing your cool. It sharpens your awareness and fine-tunes your purpose. It also builds confidence.

The principles of CQD are simple to learn. They rely on kinetics and physics and have a basis in various martial arts disciplines. And they work. Although you do not need to have Martial Arts experience to attend these courses.


"Only a desire to protect yourself."

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