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Defensive Pistol Tactics

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Defensive Handgun Tactics

Students will take away from this course, not only a better tactician with the Handgun Platform. Understanding all of its operational issues and how to remedy those latter. Also, the necessary requirements to engage or not to engage if a threat is encountered.


Course Objective:

  • Safe handling of firearm

  • Comfort with loading and unloading pistol under 

  • Firing pistol with accuracy at close range (Timed Evolution)

  • Movement Drills

  • Firing from concealment and different positions

  • Firing pistol with single dominate and non-dominate hand with 

  • Target identification

  • Tactical reloading

  • Malfunction clearance

  • Understanding the operational procedures of Defensive Tactical Pistol

  • Basic Nomenclature of Defensive Pistol


Required Equipment

  • Handgun with OWB holster

  • Minimum 200 rounds of ammunition

  • 3 magazines (minimum)

  • Knee Pads – 

  • Eye and ear protection – Electronic ear protection is recommended.

  • Ball Cap

  • Magazine pouches or dump pouch

  • Battle Belt set-up (Recommended)

  • Clothing appropriate for the weather

  • Lunch, snacks, water (there will be limited time for lunch)


Course Length: 5.5- hours 

Classroom Evolution -3 hours

Range Evolution - 2.5- hours

This is a Tier II course.

Prerequisite Tactical Pistol fundamental Tactics

ACCWFT Certificate received upon completion.


Course Fee: $150.00

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