Home Invasion

A hot prowl burglary, cat burglary, or home invasion is a sub-type of burglary (or in some jurisdictions, a separately defined crime) in which an offender unlawfully breaks and enters a building or residence while the occupants are inside.[1] The overarching intent of a hot prowl burglary can be theft, robbery, assault, sexual assault, murder, kidnapping, or another crime, either by stealth or direct force. Hot prowl burglaries are considered especially dangerous by law enforcement because of the potential for a violent confrontation between the occupant and the offender.


Course Objective

Violent crime is not limited to only the “bad neighborhoods” it can happen to anyone and anywhere. Is your home prepared in a way to discourage criminal behavior; are you ready to deal with the realities of violence in your daily life? This course is designed to give you the practical knowledge needed to make your home and surroundings a safe place for you and your family. You will be presented with proven concepts and ideas that you can put into practice that will help secure and defend you, your home, and protect your family.


  • Home design and preparedness

  • Situational Awareness

  • Developing a Personal and Home Protection Plan

  • Self Defense

  • Firearms Basics

  • Defensive Shooting Fundamentals

  • The Legal Use of Force Violent Encounters and Their Aftermath

Course Length -4 Hours (Range Only)

Course Fee - $80.00