House of Worship


This course covers strategies on how to react and respond to a potentially dangerous active shooter incident.  Active shooter situations have been on the increase in recent years in Churches and  Synagogues. They are unpredictable and quickly evolve. Don't think it can't happen can happen ANYWHERE!!! Will you be prepared?

If you do not have a Security Team this in place, Our team of former Law Enforcement and Special Operations Military can "Consult and Advise" what you need to do. In order to form a security team. The people on this team must be reasonable and level-headed. Our Team will advise on what areas in the church need to be physically watched, and how the building can be patrolled to keep violent people out while at the same time letting the "Church Body" in.

Our Team will also advise on whom would be great  candidates i.e. Individuals of the church who are licensed to carry concealed firearms on the premises, though we advise you stipulate that these people must be known and approved by the church leadership. Even though this is a dangerous, fallen world and you want protection, you still do not want to unnecessarily scare people into thinking that you must now worship in an armed " Environment "

Our team will train your staff for these types of "Situational Engagements"


  • Profile (Active Shooter)

  • Situational awareness

  • Threat identification

  • Mind-set - Run/Hide/Fight

  • Responding to an active shooter

  • How to engage with law enforcement

  • Be Prepared, Vigilant...

  • Statistics


Classroom Evolution 3 Hours

Range Evolution 2 hours 

Course fee: $150.00