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Many defensive shootings occur in low light or no light environments. This can be shooting during the hours of darkness, or in an interior environment with limited ambient light. To better prepare for such an encounter, we are providing a course focused on low light, no light shooting tactics. This course will focus heavily on the use of flashlights and other outside forms of illumination, the use of ambient light to obtain an acceptable sight picture, and the importance of target discrimination on defensive shootings

This is a 6-hour course and is designed as a progression for the pistol shooter who recognizes that most pistol engagements occur in low-light environments. The concepts and philosophies taught in this course recognize that fighting in a low-light environment requires a higher-level skill set than simply shooting on a range. This course combines proven low-light search techniques, with several low-light shooting techniques to offer a program that allows the student skills designed to allow them to fight effectively and efficiently in the low-light environment.

The prerequisites for this course are ANY of the following… Introduction to Basic Pistol, Advance Pistol Fundamentals or AZ CCW



  • Upon completion of this course the student will have an understanding of:

  • Principles of light

  • Searching vs shooting

  • Strobing and moving

  • Multiple flashlight shooting techniques

      Equipment Required

  • Semi Auto Firearm

  • Minimum of 2 magazines

  • Ammunition, 100 rounds FMJ Target Ammo (Minimum)

  • Holster (OWB) Only

  • 1 handheld tactical flashlight (Provided by ACCWFT)

  • Weapon mounted light is optional but WILL NOT replace the handheld light (if you bring a WML, bring a holster that will secure your weapon with the light on it)

  • Ear and Eye Protection (clear eye protection for night shooting)

  • Range clothing Tactical boots or Athletic shoes (In good condition)

  • Ball Cap

Minimum 3 Students

3-Hour Classroom Evolution​

2-3 Hour Range Evolution (depending on class size)

Course Fee - $105

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