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Open Range Shooter's Practice


What Is Open Range?

American CCW came up with this unique opportunity a few years ago for our former and continuing students. We now have opened this "Four Hour" practice session, to all shooters. Regardless of whether they are,

former or continuing students. This allows shooters to have a monthly practice shoot on one of ACCWFT Ranges!! Allowing you the opportunity, to continue working and honing your Skillset. 


Each month we offer a different type of practice. They are as Follows: 

  1. Basic Pistol platform practice.

  2. Tactical Pistol platform practice

  3. AR15 platform practice

  4. AR/Pistol transition platform practice

  5. Long gun platform practice

  6. Shotgun platform practice

  7. "Multiple Weapons" platform practice

No Requirements, just a desire to continue building on what you have learned in prior classes.

Just bring your weapons platform for the specific "OPEN RANGE" and your gear!

  • Ammo for weapons platform

  • Ear protection, eye protection

  • Comfortable clothing including

  • Ball Cap 

  • athletic shoes or hiking boots (No open-toed shoes)

  •  Snacks and Water.  

Check out the Class Schedule for the Monthly "OPEN RANGE" Weapons requirements.

Loyalty Members may use coupon code Group Class10 for their $10.00 discount of fee!

Open Range Fee 

Standard Pistol - $65.00

Tactical Pistol - $75.00

Tactical AR15 - $85.00

Tactical Shotgun - $95.00

Long Gun - $100.00

Tactical Combination Weapons Platform - $150.00

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