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Owning a Firearm comes with its own set of responsibilities. 

If you have kids, the risk of having a firearm doubles up. As with everything else, you’re probably the first person your kids are learning about firearms from. Your firearms are the first ones they will encounter in their life.
They’re part of the next generation of firearm owners and users. It’s up to you to let them grow up with the right morals and behavior that make firearms safe around them, and not be the ones who cause harm with it.
You can go out of your way to keep firearms away and hidden from your kids, but that won’t keep their curiosity at bay. Keeping them informed about firearms and firearm safety will be more productive than keeping firearms away until they’re older. 

American CCW Firearms Training can and will assist parents with. Educating your children in

"Firearms Safety"

$50 Per Parent / $20 Each Child

A (3) Family minimum for course.

Contact Steve Robinson to schedule your class

Parents and Each Child will receive a Certificate of Completion for this course.

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