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Pistol Platform RDS Operation

Advances in electronics and optics have helped shooters strengthen and refine their aim. Red dot sights, (RDS) also known as red dot optics, (RDO) are among the most popular options in the market today. They are usually small, electronic sight systems that generate a dot-shaped reticle that serves as a designator for where your rounds should land. The reason why they’re so popular is that they allow for fast target acquisition, as you can get sight picture far more quickly than you can when using a flash front sight picture. They’re also extremely accurate.

If you’re buying your first red dot sight or wondering what use you could make of it, this course may be very useful to you. This class you can learn the basics of red dot sights: ACCWFT can offer the following

  1. Installation of your RDS on any Pistol firearm (Student must supply all attachments)

  2. Calibration of your RDS for target acquisition

What Are the Benefits of Using Red Dot Sights?

Red dot sights have combined the advantages of iron sights and rifle scopes, but they also have featured that no previous sighting system has offered. The two main benefits of using such devices are accuracy and speed – with a RDS you can pin your target more quickly and accurately than iron sights and even magnified optics.

Red dot sights allow the fastest target acquisition because of these features:

The reticle is on the same focal plane as the target. This way, when the eye is focused on the target, it is also focused on the reticle. The shooter doesn’t need to shift their focus and face blurry sight while shooting at the target. This, combined with the possibility of shooting with both eyes open – is how aiming with red dot sights is quicker than with iron sights.


Red dot sights are perfect for beginners but also useful to more skilled shooters:

In both scenarios, they enhance speed and shot accuracy.

  1. You have the option to go for a battery-operated red dot or Solar powered.

  2. Unlimited eye relief.

  3. Reduced parallax.

  4. Reflex and holographic red dot sight allow you to shoot with both your eyes open.

  5. There is no need of aligning the rear and the front sight when using red dot sights (as you should do with iron sights).

Course Objectives

  • Understanding your target. You should also be aware of any objects that are behind it.

  • Teaching what eye relief is in relationship to Firearm and Sight Alignment

  • Acquiring the target. Stay focused on it and bring up your firearm to a shooting position. ...

  • Instruction on when you pick up site picture and picking up the reticle as it moves over the target. (Target Acquisition)

  • When to fire your weapon when the reticle meets the target.

  • Teaching that the position of the shooter’s head is not critical to accuracy, making the optic fast and accurate even in awkward 


Class Duration: 4- Hour Range Evolution 

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