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Refund/RESCHEDULE policy

Group Classes:

No refunds for students that do not show up to class without prior written request and will not be refunded course fee or fail to cancel 7 days prior to the start of a Group class.​ A Group class student who does not request in writing a cancelation within the time required will not be given a refund. Those who do will receive a refund. A processing fee of 20% will be deducted from your Group class fee upon cancelation. All refunds will be disbursed 7 business days of written cancelation.

Private Classes:

Private classes must be canceled or re-scheduled by student in writing 7 days prior to class date. If not, student will not receive refund. If student cancels, student will be, accessed the Classroom Fee and Range Fee as well as a 20% refund processing fee. If Private training students do not show up or do not cancel within the required time frame student will forfeit course fee. All refunds will be disbursed 7 days of cancelation.

We know things happen, so if you have need to reschedule, we allow one free reschedule within (2) months of original class purchase. Class tickets purchases are only valid (4) months. Any additional 2nd rescheduling requests within the (4) month ticket life, are subject to a fee equal to 25% of the course fee.


Reschedule requests must be sent in writing and for a class within our class schedule the email listed below.

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