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Tactical Preparedness 

What is Tactical Preparedness? 

These courses consist, either a (4) Hour Range Evolution, (4) hour Classroom Evolution or a combination of Range and Classroom Evolution consisting of 5-6 hours. These course curriculums focus on a

(Specific Threat).

In each of these courses I instruct you "The Student" a tactical way to engage or not to engage


I will teach you how to "Assess" the threat and engagement procedures. These procedures can be the difference of a Life-or-Death situation. As in today's CHAOTIC environment, throughout our communities. We as Armed Law Bidding Citizens must know and understand the difference of

Defensive Maneuvers and Offensive Maneuvers. 

Just carrying a Concealed Weapon "Is Not Enough"!!

I find that too many individuals have a false sense of security within the latter.

How Do I Sign up for These Courses?

These courses are either scheduled as a "Group Class" or you may schedule a "Private Training Session". You will find Group Classes on our "Class Schedule."

You may Register there. 

Or contact Steve Robinson

Instructor/Director of Operations and Training

For a Private Training Session.

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