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Tactical Preparedness 

What is Tactical Preparedness? 

These courses consist as a (4) Hour "Range Only" Evolution. These course curriculums focus on a specific threat.

In each of these courses I instruct you (The Student) a tactical way to engage or not to engage (De-Escalation)

I will teach you how "Access" the threat and engagement procedures. These procedures can be the difference of a Life-or-Death situation. As in today's CHAOTIC environment, throughout our communities. We as Armed Law Bidding Citizens must know and understand the difference of Defensive Maneuvers and Offensive Maneuvers. 

Just carrying a Concealed Weapon "Is Not Enough"!!

I find that too many individuals have a false sense of security within the latter.

That is why American CCW has designed these courses. By Former Special Operations instructors designing and implementing the Skills and Knowledge needed for your SURVIVAL!!!

How Do I Sign up for These Courses?

These courses are scheduled on our "Class Schedule"


  • There is a (2) Student minimum for enrollment.

  • You must have a Basic to Intermediate understanding of your Weapons Platform. 

  • A desire to take your skillset to that level of confidence to protect you and your family.


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