Specialized Training For Tactical Shotgun Platform, 

Tactical  Shotgun Fundamentals is a 5 Hour intermediate level course based on combative marksmanship with the Shotgun platform. You will develop speed and precision while utilizing cover and movement to gain a tactical advantage. Material will cover a wide variety of topics from rapid positional shooting, shooting with a mixture of speed and precision, fighting from cover, dealing with reloads and malfunctions, shooting on the move. 

Course Objective:


  • Rapidly move into prone and various kneeling positions to engage targets

  • Execute the fundamentals of marksmanship while engaging targets

  • While 

    stationary, on the move and from behind cover.

  • Recognize stoppages and perform simplified weapons manipulations skills such as immediate action, remedial action, and reloads at unpredictable times during an engagement sequence

  • Develop a balance of speed and precision during engagement drills using point shooting, precision shooting, and perfect sighted-fire fundamentals




  • Ammunition Requirements specific to Shotgun Platform. 

  • Factory Ammunition only..... NO RELOADS!!!!!

  • Minimum 3 magazines if you are using an AR style Shotgun Platform

  • Minimum 75 Rounds of Ammunition (Slugs or .00 Buckshot ONLY!)

  • Knee and elbow pads – recommended

  • Eye and ear protection – Electronic ear protection is recommended

  • Hat

  • Battle Belt (Optional)

  • Dump pouch

  • Body armor (optional)

  • Clothing appropriate for weather

  • Lunch, snacks, water (there will be limited time for lunch)



Course Length:  5 hour 

ACCWFT Certificate upon completion

Course Fee $110.00