Steve Robinson

Director of Operations and Training

Steve Robinson brings over 55 years of firearms experience to the team.

A former Naval Special Operations Combat Veteran, he was honorably discharged and continues his service as a Veteran Mentor.  Steve is also an Executive Protection Specialist operating under Fiducia Executive Protection LLC. Steve has received qualifications from International Security Training LLC as a Verbal De-Escalation Instructor, Body Language specialist, Criminal Profiler and Criminologist. Steve leads and instructs our RTBAV.  An NRA certified course which is REFUSE TO BE A VICTIM. It has translated from his time in the military going through S.E.R.E training.  Today instructing the importance of not only safe firearms operation as well as ensuring each student is well informed in the laws and rights of owning a firearm and being certified as an AZ CCW recipient. His credentials are as follows:

  • NRA Certified Firearms Instructor (multiple disciplines)

  • NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

  • NRA Air Rifle Coach

  • CMP JMIC Instructor

  • AZ DPS Authorized CCW Instructor

  • AZDS Licensed Armed Security Firearms Instructor

  • AZDPS Licensed Armed and Unarmed Certification Instructor

  • NRA Refuse To Be A Victim


  • NRA Personal Protection in the Home Instructor

  • International Security LLC  De-Escalation Instructor

  • Active Shooter Instructor

  • TacPrep21 Instructor


Sean Hall

Chief Instructor/CRSO

Sean Hall has over 25 years of firearms (pistol, carbine, and shotgun), defensive tactics and less than lethal weapons experience (taser, chemical, stun-bag shotgun). He has completed just over 23 years as a career sworn officer and detective with the Phoenix Police Department. Sean had three specialty unit assignments, in addition to his initial patrol officer assignment, during his career with Phoenix.


Sean worked for the California Department of Corrections for just under two years prior to moving to Arizona. He was California POST Certified while in this position and worked in a maximum-security facility.


Sean’s law enforcement and corrections experience has him believe in the importance for individuals to be able to protect themselves. Should an individual choose to do this with a firearm, he believes in individuals taking on the responsibility of developing and maintaining the proper mindset, physical skills, and equipment.


          • Arizona POST Firearms Instructor

         • Arizona POST Defensive Tactics Instructor

         • Arizona POST General Instructor

AZDS Licensed Armed Guard Firearms Instructor

AZDS Licensed Armed/Unarmed Guard Certification Instructor

TacPrep21 Instructor


Kelly (KB) Batton
NRA Certified Instructor 

Kelly (KB) is passionate about teaching women safe and responsible ownership of firearms. She believes everyone should have the knowledge to safely and responsibly protect themselves and their families. KB has been shooting for over 10 years and wants to share her passion, especially with other women. She is a member of the local Well Armed Women chapter in Phoenix and holds her Arizona CCW.

Her favorite firearm is a Glock 43.


KB specializes in:

NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor

Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit

NRA Certified Refuse to Be a Victim Instructor