AZ DPS Certified

Un-Armed Security Guard Training

Unarmed Security Guard 8 Hour Training Syllabus

This syllabus was developed by the DPS Security Guard Licensing Unit and meets the

mandatory 8-hour pre-assignment training requirement that must be completed

prior to submitting a security guard license application.


  1. Orientation - Introduction to Security

  2. Criminal Law / Laws of Arrest (Legal Authority)

  3. Authority and Responsibility of a Security Guard

  4. Laws of Arrest

  5. Interface with Law Enforcement/Assisting Law Enforcement

  6. Search and Seizure

  7. Arizona Law Pertaining to Uniforms

  8. Communications

  9. Human Relations / Communications

  10. Verbal Control

  11. Use of Force / Levels of Force

  12. Responsibilities

  13. Reasons for denial of entry to a crime scene

  14. Procedures for protecting a crime scene

  15. Emergency Response Procedures

  16. Ethics

  17. Practical Exercise



. General Security Guard Procedures (Post or Job Procedures) Specific post

responsibilities will be explained at the work location.

(4) Student Minimum - (10) Student Maximum

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COST  $50.00