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Urban Preparedness/Survival

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Urban Preparedness/Survival Seminar

Why Urban Preparedness/Survival?

Urban Preparedness/Survival will teach you the Skillsets to allow you and your family, survive a

"Catastrophic Event"

What is Urban Preparedness/Survival?

Urban Preparedness/Survival is a set of skills used in the event you and your family are faced with either a



We know at American CCW that every single word in Urban Preparedness/Survival definition is chosen for a reason.

Our Seminar will break it down into its individual components.

By the end of this course, it will be very clear to you of its meaning. You’ll also learn valuable "SKILLS" participating in this course. 

The "SEVEN PILLARS" of Urban Preparedness. And how to employ these skills!


American CCW Firearms Training does not want you the student to learn the hard way by encountering an event, which could end in a catastrophic outcome for you and your family.

Topics Discussed will be:

(7) Pillars of Urban Preparedness

  • Pillar One: Water

  • Pillar Two: Shelter

  • Pillar Three: Fire

  • Pillar Four: Food

  • Pillar Five: Signaling | Communication.

  • Pillar Six: Medical | Hygiene

  • Pillar Seven: Personal Safety (Firearms Training)

Student will receive an American CCW Certificate of Completion 

 5-hour Seminar Course.


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