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When a potentially violent situation threatens to erupt on the spot and no weapon is present, verbal de-escalation techniques are an appropriate strategy. Reasoning with an enraged individual is possible.

The one and only objective in a de-escalation situation, is to reduce the level of arousal so that discussion becomes possible. De-escalation techniques are abnormal in these situations. We are adrenally driven to fight, flight or freeze when scared or threatened. However, to effectively de-escalate a situation, you may not be able to perform these tasks. You must appear centered and calm even when you may feel threatened. Therefore, these techniques must be rehearsed and practiced before they are needed so that they become 'Second Nature'.


Legal & Ethical Reasons for Verbal De-Escalation Tactics

  • De-Escalate (No Weapons are Deployed)

  • The Use of Force Continuum

  • Creating a De-Escalation Mindset

  • Become Professional When Confronted

  • Incident Review from Security & Law Enforcement Arenas


ACCWFT Certificate of Completion issued. 

 4 hours (classroom only)


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